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Reorder fields
Tools       2020/6/9 9:52:27          Author: FFCell
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Sometimes we want to consolidate or combine multiple worksheets, but there are some fields in different columns in different worksheets. In this case, we have to reorder the fields before consolidate or combine worksheets.

For example, we have 4 worksheets in below workbook, and some fields are in different columns.

We can find that all fields in those worksheets are in the first row, and we want the fields in those worksheets to be arranged in this order: Fruit,Price/CNY,QTY,Supplier,Remark.

We can choose the feature: Reorder fields in Others group, and then click Start button (upper right corner).

Step 1: Select excel files

We drag the excel file and drop it to the blank area, and then click Next button.

Step 2: Select worksheets

All sheets means all sheets in the selected excel files will partcipate in Reorder fields.

If we only want the first sheet in selected excel file to participate, we can choose the next option and set it as :

Sheet 1 to 1 from left to right

If we want the specific sheets in the selected excel files to participate in Reoder fields, for example the sheet 2, pls choose this option:Specific sheets (MultiSelect)

And we will get all sheets' names from the first excel file by default, and then tick the specific sheet (sheet 2) you want.

If the first excel file does not include sheet 2, we can click Get All , and then we will get all sheets' names from all selected excel files. But it will take a long time.

It is better for us to click the Input button and then input the sheet name manually.

If we don't want the hidden sheets or blank sheets to participate in Reorder fields, pls tick Skip hidden sheets and Skip blank sheets. In Step 2, we decide to choose All sheets, and then click Next button.

Step 3: Data options

In this step, we need to input the new order for fields manually by clicking Input fields button on the right side.

Step 4: Ready to process

Click Start button, and some seconds later, it is well done. Let's open the original workbook and have a look.

We can find that the fields in those 4worksheets have been reordered.